Blushing Bloom Candle


Light up your home and heart with Blushing Bloom, the candle that evokes the romance of a blooming rose.


This luxuriously scented candle features notes of blackcurrant and rose blended into coconut wax with a wood wick, promising over 30 hours of sensual ambiance.


  • Blackcurrant and rose fragrance for a sweet, fruity floral scent
  • Coconut wax for a clean, even burn
  • Wood wick that crackles when lit
  • Pink coloured glass vessel with heart adornment


Blushing Bloom envelops you in the velvety aroma of just-bloomed roses with a hint of fruit, creating an atmosphere of love and connection.


Give one to a partner or friend and share the joy and warmth of floral scents.